Attendance – on time every day

One of the best things you can do for your children is to make sure they attend nursery on time every day.

Why attendance is important

Coming to nursery every day is important because:
• Your child will learn more and do better throughout their education.
• Your child will feel happier about coming to nursery if they come every day.
• Your child will develop good habits around attendance that will stay with them when they start school.

Your child should come to nursery every day unless they are unwell.

If your child is not feeling well please call the Nursery on 01274 574539 leaving details of your child's name, class and reason for absence.

We monitor children’s attendance carefully and if you do not contact us to advise that your child is absent, a member of the administrative team will ring you to follow up unexplained absences.   In line with the Local Authority Policy – if your child suffers from sickness and/or diarrhoea, then they cannot attend Nursery until 48 hours (2 days) after the symptoms end.  


Holidays should be taken during school holidays if possible.   If you have to take a holiday during term time, we would ask that you complete a Holiday form. These forms are available at Reception.

Bringing and collecting your child

Please keep to the times you have agreed with the staff. The routines which staff plan for children to arrive and leave are important for their safety and help the children to feel secure.   If someone different is collecting your child please let your class teacher know, giving them the person's name, description and a password.


Regular attendance in nursery is just as important as good attendance at school.