The Beehive

About The Beehive 

The Beehive is a bespoke, sensory environment consisting of two joined classrooms. It is home to staff trained to support children with physical and medical needs as well those with complex learning needs, including social communication delay. The Beehive supports children aged between two and five.    

The two classrooms are joined by a small gate that children can open independently. Both rooms have access to outdoors and follow a curriculum that is child led. Children’s individual needs and interests are carefully planned for.   


Bees has safe spaces for children to spend time on the floor and practice their physio exercises, receive a feed or sleep. It has its own bespoke sensory area that is always available to children. Daily activities designed to engage children’s senses take place e.g., shaving foam, porridge oats, foot spas, sensory swing. Bees also has a hoist system available and outdoor storage for additional equipment such as standing frames and specialist seating.


Sunflowers is a bright open space that is set up as a traditional nursery room with access to sand, water, construction, reading, and mark making.


Settling In

All children in the Beehive are either on an Enhanced Nursery Place or have an Education, Health, and Care Plan. New children have a home visit followed by some settling in ‘Stay and Play’ sessions. Children and parents/carers will spend time playing together and getting to know their key person. From there they will gradually build up the time they spend in the room without their parent/carer until they are ready to stay for the full session. Each child’s settling process is bespoke to them and we follow the family’s lead wherever we can.



Where appropriate, we offer a variety of foods and snacks such as cereal, fruit, yoghurts and crackers, which are available each session to the children, as well as fresh water and milk.  If children require a more individualised diet, parents are carers are welcome to bring food from home.


Group Time 

The children are given the opportunity daily to access a group time suitable for their learning needs. Sometimes that will involve a simple story, singing rhymes with puppets and props or getting our bodies moving with some dance and movement.


External Professionals

Where appropriate, Beehive staff work closely with external professionals to seek advice and guidance. The Hearing and Visual Impairment Teams visit frequently and provide next steps and resources to support children’s development. Staff also work closely with Occupational Therapy, Physios and the Physical and Medical Team when needed.


Sharing Learning 

All children’s progress is celebrated, and learning is captured through observations and assessment which is shown in their Photobooks. This is shared with parents throughout the year at various points where reports are sent home or parents are invited in to speak to their key person.  

Key people are always available to provide daily feedback too. 

We love to see what our families have enjoyed doing at home and welcome any photos that we can add to their learning journeys and our displays.  


Developmental Journals

Children in the Beehive are usually tracked using the Early Years Developmental Journal. This provides a small steps approach and ensures that progress is always celebrated and planned for.


Additional Paperwork

All children within the Beehive have a My Way to a Good Day Document. This summarises all advice and strategies from professionals and staff to ensure that every child’s needs are met by all members of staff.

Children may also have a risk assessment, Health Care Plan or Moving and Handling Plan where needed.