The Three Little Pigs


Over the next two weeks our core book is THE THREE LITTLE PIGS. You can watch a version of this story by clicking on this YouTube link

Once you have shared the story with your child you could try some of these activities.

Communication and Language

The story follows a repetitive pattern where many key phrases appear again and again in the story. Can you encourage your child to join in? e.g. ‘I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down.”

Physical Development

We often find that the children show a keen interest in building during this story theme. Provide your children with blocks or lose parts to stack and build towers and structures.


The number three is important in this story as there are THREE little pigs. Encourage your child to hunt for objects in the garden and put them into groups of three.

Expressive Arts and Design

During this term we begin to look closely at a range of animals that feature in the traditional tales. We encourage the children to look closely at the features of each animal by looking at photographs, videos and (hopefully) live animals. We then encourage the children to draw what they see using a range of materials. In this picture the children’s work has been cut out and added to lolly sticks so that the child can use the drawings as puppets to act out the story.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

There are many emotions to discuss when reading this story – the pigs feel excited to build their new houses, the pigs feel worried about the wolf, the wolf feels angry when he can’t blow down the house. Exploring and naming emotions is a very important part of child development so that your child can begin to make sense of and communicate how they feel. The Oak Academy have produced this fantastic lesson to help young children explore a range of feelings. 


Understanding the World

During these weeks we help the children to learn the names of the different animals that live on a farm and the names of their offspring (babies). This video and matching game is a fun way to explore this new learning.