The Gingerbread Man

This week our core story is The Gingerbread Man. You can watch the story by clicking on this YouTube link. 

Would you like to make your own gingerbread man from play dough? Here’s a play dough recipe for you to use. Don’t forget to add some ginger spice to the mix to make it smell just like a real gingerbread man. Talk about the textures, smells and the changes in the dough as it being made


Spend some time outdoors in your garden or local parks. Can you move in lots of different directions just like the gingerbread man. Maybe you could use the words for the story when you are running ‘Run, run as fast as you can you can’t catch me I’m a gingerbread man.’ How else can you move? Can you jump, crawl skip and hop? I wonder if you can go fast and slow.

Maths: Number

Using the gingerbread man template below, or making your own, can you add some buttons to him? You can change the amount he has, but remember to count each one as you are adding them or taking them away. Remember, 1 number name for each button! 



Create a story map ensuring that you remember each of the characters. Can you make an alternative version using your friends or family as they characters instead? I wonder if you think can of a different ending.