The Enormous Turnip

Our core story this week is ‘The enormous turnip.’ You can watch the story by clicking on this YouTube link. 

Cooking together is so much fun. Here is a link to a vegetable soup recipe that you can help you grown up to make.


When watching the story or reading the book, I wonder if you can think of other adjectives to describe the size of the turnip. (Big, giant, large, huge)

Exploring media and materials

Cut up a variety of different shape vegetables. Use a variety of different coloured paints to create shapes on the paper. Talk about similarities and differences of the shapes. Can you notice any of the colours changing?


I wonder if you can remember the order of the story. Who helped first? May be you could draw a story map to represent this. Try and add some writing too!

Health and self-care

Discuss with a grown up what vegetables are and why it is important to eat them. What makes them healthy? Can you think of some foods that might be unhealthy? Why are they unhealthy?