Jack and the Beanstalk

Over the next few weeks the children will be involved in lots of activities linked to Jack and the Beanstalk

Watch the YouTube video of the story 

Communication and Language

Once your child is familiar with the story it is important that they can recall key parts of the story. One of our Colour Group activities is to ‘story map’ by drawing the main parts of the story. You could use this sheet as a template or just use a plain piece of paper.

Physical Development

The beanstalk is an important part of this story. The children begin to understand that the beanstalk grows and grows up to the sky. Encourage your child to build ‘beanstalks’ in your garden- how tall can they make their beanstalk? As well as making large scale beanstalks your child could make some small scale beanstalks for Jack to climb.

Expressive Arts and Design

We always encourage children to use their imagination when being creative in the Art Area rather than giving them a finished picture to copy or colour in. Describe the giant and allow your child to use their imagination to draw what they think the giant looks like. When your child has finished their drawing encourage them to talk you through their marks. You’ll be fascinated at how they have represented the giant!

Understanding the World

Children are fascinated by the growth of plants. A really quick and easy growing activity is to grow cress from seeds.