Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Over the next week we will be sharing the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. You can watch this story by clicking on this YouTube link.


Have a go at making some porridge at home. What does it taste like? Can you talk about the texture and what it looks like?

Communication & Language

The story follows a repetitive pattern where many key phrases appear again and again in the story. Can you encourage your child to join in? e.g. “Who’s been eating my porridge? Who’s been sitting on my chair? Who’s been sleeping in my bed?

Personal, Social and Emotional

Discuss emotions with your child. I wonder how the bears might be feeling?  I wonder what Goldilocks could do to make things better? Can you show me a sad/angry/ happy face?

Maths – Shape, space and measure

Find a range of different size items and talk about ‘small, medium and large’.  I wonder if you can compare the different sizes? Can you put them in size order?

Knowledge and Understanding

Using the template of the house below, can you name/ label each of the rooms. What might go in each of the rooms? What do we use each of the rooms for? Can you draw your own furnishings in the rooms? Who lives in your house?