Autumn Term 2020 Goat Goes to Playgroup

This is a firm favourite at Nursery – we use this story to help children settle and learn all the new routines.

Through the story of Goat's active day, we are able to share the experience of the smallest children starting playgroup or nursery, suddenly encountering an environment with unfamiliar boundaries – where play is plentiful but controlled, and where we also occasionally have embarrassing moments like failing to make the toilet in time.

Goat hasn’t yet fitted into this routine, and would often rather be doing something else – so when it comes to circle time, he would rather be on the climbing frame!

Watch the video on YouTube link

Once you have shared the story with your child you could try some of these activities.

Communication and Language

There is so much to talk about when you share the story. Some children will enjoy pointing to and naming the animals… ‘dog’  ‘goat’. Some children will like to tell you what the animals are doing… ‘Weasel is painting’. Some children will be able to share what they like to do at Nursery.

Physical Development

Taking in some fresh air is a great idea. If you have a garden, can you find somewhere to climb like Goat? You can explore lots of ways to move your bodies- jumping, running, skipping, crawling.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Time at home is a great opportunity to develop independence skills. Dog likes to dress up- Can you find clothes to dress up in at home? Encourage your child to have a good try with tricky zips, Velcro and buttons.


Children will develop favourites when it comes to stories, rhymes and poems. Listening out for rhyming words is a fantastic pre-reading skill.

Below are some of our favourite nursery rhymes. Enjoy sharing these with your child.

Humpty Dumpty

Once I Caught a Fish Alive

Incy Wincy Spider


There are lots of opportunities to explore number in the story. It is very important for children to hear counting words. Can you count together how many teddies Monkey is cuddling?

Understanding the World

At this age children begin to develop an awareness of family and relations. At the end of the story you are asked to help spot Goat’s Mum at home time. This is a lovely opportunity to share family photographs and discuss important people in your family.

Expressive Arts and Design

If you have some paper and colours your child draw a picture like Goose to bring back to Nursery on their return?