Autumn Term 2020 Whatever Next!

Once again, we continue on the transport theme for the half term. Whatever next! In this story we join Baby Bear as he finds a rocket, makes friends with an owl and has a picnic on the moon! This is a beautiful story of innocence and imagination, full of Jill Murphy's characteristic warmth and humour.

You can hear the story being read here…

Communication and Language

In the story you will see that Baby Bear has a lovely picnic on the moon. We always use this opportunity to make our own picnic in Nursery. We encourage the children to listen very carefully to, and follow some basic instructions. Use these sequence cards to help you.

Understanding the World

The story always inspires lots of curiosity and questions about space. The children will find any enclosed spaces to squeeze into to make their own rockets to take them on adventures! If you have any boxes from deliveries you could allow your child to use them to build their own rocket!

This lesson gives you some great tips to help with their construction and explores the difference between a rocket and a spaceship. 


Phonics- Your child may spot an owl in the story? Do they know what sound an owl makes? Twit Twoo!! Listening to and making animal sounds is a really important early step in helping your child to read and write.

We like to play this game with the children to help to develop this skill.

Mrs Browning Has a Box….

Turn a box on its side with the opening facing away from your child. One by one place between four and six familiar animal toys or pictures into the box, pausing to name them and demonstrate the sound each one makes.

Sing to the tune of ‘Old MacDonald’: “Mrs Browning has a box ee i ee i o! And in that box she has a…” Stop. Gesture and ask the children to listen. Choose one of the objects in the box, out of sight, to make a noise. Encourage your child to guess what is making the sound.


This is a great story for beginning to recognise and name 2d shapes. First watch this lesson and then look back through the story to see which shapes you can see.