Autumn Term 2020 Travelling By

This rhythmic I-spy book never fails but to get our children singing along! (Teachers too- it sticks in your head!!) Follow the children on a journey to school through various landscapes. It is the perfect introduction to colours, modes of transport, and of course, music! 

Sing along with the story here 

Communication and Language Development

Take time to listen to the story. You will notice that there are lots of repeated phrases in the story. Really encourage your child to join in with these parts.

You can also encourage your child to name the different modes transport. Could your child add a word to describe them? - e.g. Red bike.

Physical Development

Making marks on a large scale is a great way for children to build up their muscles in preparation for learning to write. We find the children love to make marks in shaving foam. If you're feeling brave and don't mind a little mess then have a go at squirting some shaving foam onto a flat surface (a shower tray or bottom of the bath is a good idea!). Use different toy vehicles to drive around the foam and make lots of marks. 

Personal, Social and Em​otional Development

Coronavirus has brought about many changes for our children. These little heroes have stayed indoors more than they have ever known in their lives. They have been unable to see family and friends as usual. They have possibly heard adults talking about their worries regarding the virus.  Now, more than ever before, it is important to talk to your children and help them to make sense of all the changes. You may find these lessons helpful as a starting point.


Developing listening skills is an important step in learning to hear the sounds that make up words. Have a go at this listening game that focuses on transport sounds. 


There are many opportunities to count in this story. How many windows are there on the aeroplane?  How many people are on the bus?  If your child is showing an interest in counting then perhaps select a lesson from here to do together.