Autumn Term 2020 My World Your World

The world is full of all sorts of people, speaking different languages and living different kinds of lives, but deep down people are basically the same wherever they live. This book provides a fun and colourful look at the differences and similarities in people throughout the world.

You can watch the story being read by following this link My world Your world


Communication and Language

It’s great to watch this story a few times and encourage your child to join in with the repeated phrases. “But…..they both…..”  Your child may also like to compare themselves to each pair – “Georgie says ‘hello’. Luc says ‘bonjour’. I say…….”

Physical Development

The children in the story enjoy lots of activities to keep them healthy such as skateboarding, basketball, horse riding and elephant riding!! What physical activities does your child enjoy? Footy Pups on CBeebies is a great way to get lots of ideas on keeping active whilst isolating at home.  

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This story really helps children to explore how your child is different to others. Spend some time looking closely in the mirror exploring your and your child’s features. How are you the same? How are you different? It is important that children develop an understanding and tolerance of differences from an early age.


Names are a really good way to begin to tune into phonics. At this stage of learning we encourage children to hear the different sounds that make up words. Exaggerate  the sounds at the beginning of the names. ‘K-k-k-k-k- Kavita, J-J-J-J-J-J-J Jacob, L-L-L-L-Luc. Developing listening skills will give your child a great head start in phonics. In Nursery we play lots of listening games. Mr Teach on You Tube has some great listening games that you can try on your phone or tablet. 


In the story we learn that Max lives in a block of flats and Ben lives in a little farm house. Look out of your window at the houses around you. Can you count the windows at each house? Which house has the most? Which house has the least?

Understanding the World

Although this story doesn’t name different countries it suggests that the children live in different parts of the world. Understanding geography begins with understanding places immediately around your child. Perhaps you could talk about your journey to school. Can you name the different places you pass between home and Nursery?

If your child does show an interest in different parts of the world then the CBeebies ‘Where in the World’ section is a great starting point. 

Expressive Arts and Design

If you have access to a paintbrush at home you could try some magic painting. All you need is a container of tap water, a paintbrush and a paving slab in your garden or yard.  You could encourage your child to make marks for their face…… A round face, long hair, two eyes, a big smile.