We believe every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support which will enable them to fulfil their potential.

We strive to provide children with memorable and exciting learning experiences to immerse them in rich learning opportunities.

We have a wide range of ‘Enrichment Groups’. Our enrichment groups provide a focused and structured opportunity for children to engage in activities designed to promote growth and development through play and social interaction.

The groups we offer change with each cohort and their individual needs, but always tend to include:


  • All Aboard
  • Forest School
  • Baking
  • Canterbury Dance
  • Adventure


We also aim to immerse children in a range of experiences through educational visits or bringing activities to the school.

Our educational visits vary each term and will either follow the children’s interests or be designed to introduce the children to a completely new experience.

The Farm Visits Canterbury

One of the highlights of the year is when Rigmoor Reindeer's Farm comes to visit us for a day. The children gain so much from this visit and helps bring our focus Core Stories to life!

World Book Day

This year we encouraged children and staff to dress up as a book character. We also enjoyed snuggling up together at Key Group Time to share a special story.

Macmillan Charity Event

We held a wonderful bun sale with lots of delicious buns donated from our staff. We were able to raise £360. These funds are much needed for Macmillan Cancer Support - a charity very close to our hearts this year as they’ve given incredible support to staff members and their families.

Jeans for Genes 

In September we asked staff and children to wear jeans to raise awareness and money to support children with genetic disorders.

We were able to donate £50 - thank you to our families for supporting this event. 

Harvest Time

In the Autumn Term our orchard is always brimming with delicious apples. The children take it in turns to harvest the apples. We then support the children to wash them and cut them up to enjoy as part of their snack.

A farm visited Canterbury Nursery! The children visited the farm and enjoyed talking about what they could see and hear. Some brave children even stroked the animals. We sang lots of songs about animals too including 'Old MacDonald had a farm'. After washing our hands, we all enjoyed an ice cream outside in the sun. 

Children in Need

This year for Children in Need we asked children and staff to come to Nursery wearing spots, stripes and brights! We asked for donations if families were able and were delighted to raise £76.36.  We also provided all children with a Learning from Home activity to make a spotty biscuit!

The City Project

The City Project is an enrichment that creates challenge for our most learning ready children. The children explore Bradford City Centre and all it has to offer.  Sculpture, architecture, art and literature.

Forest School

Through Forest School our children are able to explore and experience the changing seasons.

Maths Stay and Play

To help our parents and carers understand what their children get up to during a session at Nursery we held a Maths ‘Stay and Play’ session. This particular session focused on mathematical development so many of the activities and provision in the room reflected this. Thank you to all the parents who attended.

Living Eggs

When the eggs come to school it gives children a chance to see them hatch and grow into little chicks.  They have an opportunity to visit the chicks and hold them.  They learn about feeding them, and how to care for them as well as understanding the life cycle.