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Daily Routine

If you are asked to isolate to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 it is important to keep a routine to your day.

If everyone is well enough we suggest you try the following routine.

It is important to continue to get up at the same time each day. Once everyone is awake you should change out of your pyjamas and put on daytime clothes. Take time to enjoy breakfast together as a family.

Once breakfast has finished it is time to wash and brush teeth.

If the family is well enough now is a great time to take in some fresh air. If isolating this should be in your own garden or yard or an area where you are able to socially distance from others easily. You must not go to parks, shops or other busy areas.

After your fresh air it is a great time to settle down to some activities. Please click on our term links to give you some ideas on activities to do together with your child. Keep the activities fun and short. Don’t expect your child to spend a long time on any single activity. Perhaps you could offer your child a snack in between the activities.

We also recommend taking time in the day to connect with family members and friends by phoning or face timing them. Involve your children in these calls so that they don’t feel isolated or forgotten by those who would normally play such a big part in their life. Your child’s Key Worker or another staff member will regularly call you to check how you are getting on.

Make sure you take a break for lunch. We find the children really like to be involved in preparing and serving lunch at nursery. Encourage them to help at home as well. Especially with the tidying up!

Once you’ve tidied up from lunch time then head outside again for some more fresh air.

Your child may be tired now so some quiet time will help. Perhaps you could share some stories or have some time on a tablet? Your child may also benefit from a nap at this time.

After a rest your child may wish to get busy with some more activities. Once again, we have lots of suggestions under our term buttons.

After dinner time you should begin to wind down the day to prepare for a good night’s sleep.  We recommend a nice relaxing bath and some bedtime stories. Don’t forget that your child needs to brush their teeth again before bed time.

Try to avoid television or device time for at least an hour before bedtime.