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The Woodland Suite - Termly Overview


Spring Term 2019-2020

Our theme for Spring 1 was 'Incredible Animals' and we have had some incredible animals visit nursery! 

The Living Eggs arrived and the children were very excited about what was going to hatch out of the eggs. We visited the eggs regularly and we finally saw a crack in one of the eggs! The chicks hatched out of the eggs one by one and we talked about what they looked like, how to take care of them and how they felt when we held them. The children made observational drawings of the chicks and we looked at the life cycle of a chicken. 

The stories we have looked at his half term were:

  • Driving my Tractor
  • Dear Zoo
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar 
  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear
  • We're Going on a Bear Hunt
  • Tip Tap went the Crab 

We're Going on a Bear Hunt still seems be a favourite among the children! We explored sensory bags containing mud, water, ice or grass and the children tried to predict what was inside the bags using their senses and feeling with their hands/fingers. 


Our theme for Spring 2 was 'Transport and People who Help us'. 

We have had different role-play settings in the home corner where the children have enjoyed taking on different occupations and roles such as doctors and shopkeepers. We have lots of aspiring doctors in The Nest as the children practised their bandaging skills and checked the teacher's heartbeat. We added lots of non-fiction books about different occupations such as police officers, firefighters, nurses, doctors and they have been thoroughly enjoyed in the Reading Area. 

In the Small-World Area, we have explored different types of transport such as cars, trucks, aeroplanes, helicopters and trains and the children have enjoyed making tracks for them and adding their own sound effects as they play. We looked carefully at the vehicles and how many wheels or windows they have, and tried to draw them during group time. We had some wonderful drawings and talked about what our favourite type of transport was. 

The stories we have looked at his half term were:

  • We Went to Visit a Farm One Day 
  • Rosie's Walk
  • The Train Ride
  • Travelling By
  • Ambulance! Ambulance!

We also had some more animal visitors this half term from the farm! There were lots of different animals including rabbits, goats, chickens, lambs, a donkey and a pig just to name a few! The children were very engaged and enjoyed interacting with the animals by stroking them and feeding them.  

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