Termly Overview

 Spring Term 2018-2019

In November all staff attended Signing training, supported by the Downs Syndrome Training and Support Service.  We use sign as a way to support all children in Nursery to understand and communicate.

Last half term we had a visit from someone very special and started our Baking group!  Children attend every week and make something special to take home.  Working in a small group means children get lots of time to develop their language and signing as well as key social and communication skills.

Everyone has settled back into Nursery after Christmas and exploring their interests such as spinning, shaving foam, books and the sensory swing. We are all settled into Nursery and having a great time exploring all the new resources and the ones we forgot about, too! We have been picking and eating apples from our trees and some of us have been swimming with our mummies and daddies. Our new friends have been having lovely first experiences and liked having their teachers visit them at home. 

Curriculum Coverage 

Our theme for the Spring Term is Nursery Rhymes and each week we will be looking at a new rhyme and core story that links to that rhyme.

Curriculum Enrichment

Throughout the year we aim to enrich the curriculum with lots of inclusive hands-on activities that both children parents can access.  

Photos coming soon